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In addition to blogging, I also enjoy writing Elixir libraries in order to solve some of my day to day development problems. I publish those libraries to and have the code freely available on my GitHub at

Below are some of the projects that I currently maintain along with some details as to what they do. Feel free to leave feedback on GitHub if you encounter any issues or if there are any features that you would like to see!

Doctor is a useful library used to ensure that projects have a healthy level of documentation. Doctor can fail during CI/CD if new commits reduce documentation coverage for a project, if typespecs are missing, or if modules lack moduledocs (to name a few features).
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ExTodo is a simple utility that allows you to pretty print all of the codetags (TODO, FIXME, BUG, etc) that are currently in your project. You can also leverage ExTodo during CI/CD in order to fail pipelines when your code contains particular codetags (such as FIXME, BUG, etc).
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Currently undergoing a large rewrite...but the goal of this library is to provide a DSL to sanatize and validate incoming Phoenix request parameters using Ecto Changesets. Stay tuned for updates on this one!
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Telemetry Filter  
Use this to filter out events that are triggered by :telemetry in Plug. This is particularly useful if you don't want to pollute your logs with messages for /metrics and /health requests for Prometheus and Kubernetes.
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