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If you enjoy reading my blog posts, using my open source libraries, and my Elixir tips, be sure to checkout my book publications and show your support. It means a lot to me and I am sure you’ll learn something cool from my books :).

Build a Weather Station with Elixir and Nerves
Nerves weather station book cover
In this book, Bruce Tate, Frank Hunleth and I discuss how to build and program a Nerves based weather station. We walk through the process of starting with Nerves, establishing a development workflow, publishing weather measurements to a Phoenix backend, storing the metrics in TimescaleDB. For the grand finale, you'll spin up Grafana and visualize all of you time-series weather data. You won't want to miss this hands-on project based book!
Elixir Patterns
Elixir Patterns book cover
You already know the basics of Elixir. Maybe you have even shipped something to production. That's awesome! But how can you go one step further in your Elixir developer journey?

In this book, Hugo Barauna and I help you to become a better Elixir developer by teaching you how to leverage the power of the BEAM runtime with recipes and patterns specific to Elixir/OTP.

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